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November 9, 1925.

Dearest Jack, 

Your letter telling of your trip to the “Blue Sink” was surely read with interest. Isn’t Florida  a wonderful place with its subterranean mysteries. Was the water blue when you dipped it out or just in the pool? At Chester springs there is a spring of magnesia water real green when you look int it but clear when dipped out. I suppose the water there is the same. 

How long is the cave-in supposed to have occurred? It is so nice that Bob and you have meals together and can take these trips. Did he see his Coupe? Your Ford must look nice – am so glad you had the necessary things done to it. The tires went by Parcel Post Friday. I suppose it will take at least a week for them to make the trip. 

Herman has a holiday Armistice Day (Nov. 12) I am glad for it comes Wed. and divides his week for him. He has every third Friday afternoon off too. Armistice Day I hope to take him to Chester to see about his glasses. Yesterday I got him a new suit )blue gray) and a pair of low black shoes. 

He is invited to a party for Chas. Ewing Nov. 21, and these are his [unreadable] which he needed any way. I have not mentioned drawing class this years as I think he has enough to do and can wait another few.

Glad your eyes are O.K. but don’t hesitate to get glasses if they would help you a little bit with your study – you needn't wear them all the times. Does it tire you much to study? Am so glad you will vary it with glee club and did you join Episcopal choir? About your picture for Annual – I will enclose the one you sent me and if you decide to get another return it to me. 

Aunt Elise rec’d her letter and was certainly surprised to see it postmarked W.Chester. This Fri. eve there is an illustrated lecture at the club and we are all going. Did I tell you that on their wedding anniversary Aunt Sue + Uncle Harry took us in to the Schubert theater to see Rose Marie? It was Herman’s first real play and the comedian was “Hard-boiled Herman” – funny as he could be. 

Uncle H. + Aunt Sue yesterday bought a home in Brookline and will be all moved before the holidays. Brookline is just beyond [unreadable] - next to Oakhurst I think. 

Who do you think came up to me on Chestnut Street yesterday when Herman + I were in shopping? Mss McCarthy, Dr.McCarthy’s daughter who was in Lakeland and was a friend of Mrs. Godfrey who used to live in Yeadon. I was surprised she remembered my name and all. They wanted to go South this year but did not like [unreadable] and could get no reservation in St. Pete. 

We are all busy as beaners and so happy when we get your letters saying you are well and happy they are just the two things that matter this year and it will pass quickly so keep sending us the good news. 

The family have just said if you have another picture then have it taken smiling with your teeth shining. I was always against that but I think since everybody is doing it I’d like to see me [unreadable], it would be fine I know. 

I met Walter Hopkins in Bilt Ave. yesterday. They now have an apartment on Sacruse Ave. [unreadable]. He asked me very much to come see the Baby. He inquired for you and was so glad to hear you were able to go back to University. He is one wise lad. 

What has developed about fraternity? Are you just drifting along to see what you want to do? It doesn’t hurt anything to take your time. Do you ever hear from Parkhursts? Uncle Harry found Mrs. P’s watch – it looked very nice. 

Keep your own counsel about your investments how much + where – it does not pay to write much about them things. 

I must call up Sigmunds tomorrow and see what has transpired in Sally’s case. She was teaching electrical treatments when I called before. 

Had letter from your letter paper firm in Batavia offering me free $ worth 5 orders. If in a conversational way you find any one who wants either that or any magazines send name + addresses and we will fill them out + send them. 

In a few days Herman will begin his magazine campaign. Is your Judge professor there this year? Do you enjoy the work? How is the ol’bayo?

Everybody sends love. 


Your Mother 

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