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November 6, 1938.

Dear Nelda & Kaye:

First apology for using pencil but I am a little nervous tonight so -

I was down your last Sunday visiting Tom for the day a boy friend of Sadies drove us down Sunday morning. I was going to run on down Sunday nite if I had gone alone I wanted to bring you your birthday gift the one I promised also I had you an unusual base made I call it that I don’t know what you will call it when you see if I am rather anxious I hope you will like it so if you don’t get up before I will bring it on my next trip down to fragile to mail. Now we are not moving the company wants Mr. Peters to stay here so here we stay. I guess Kaye is still working so hard tell him to take it easy and you and he run up and visit me a while and see the deer gee are they plentiful we counted 24 in our tennis court the other night the does are so cute I don’t know if we are having open season or not this year rather uncertain yet.

Mrs Peters has been sick ever since I Was down in the Hospital for a week so I am still chef. I had my examinations my lung condition is O.K. but general health is kinda slipping. Dr said I needed a rest (try and get it) the only time I can rest and relax is when I visit you and Kaye gee you will never know how I appreciate my visit with you only feeling that all good things must end too quickly when I am down there.

Eva the girl across the road you know is helping me clean house we are all done btu the hall I washed 27 pairs of curtains last week alone besides bed clothes and drapes so you see I am kept busy but I do want to get all my cleaning done before the snow falls isn’t the weather beautiful now just like summer during the day.

Virginia and I was roller skating one night last week only I found out I wasn’t so young as I thought I was I should have worn three she asked about you all and asked to be remembered.

Nelda I am so glad Dorothy found a good job so quickly the best of luck for her I am wishing and tell her I will have to visit her shop on my next visit.

How is your Uncle Blair? I have never been to Sproul lately and no one over there ever writes me so you see you get all the news from up there ahead of me.

Tuesday is the big day I am hoping it will bring better times regardless of who gets in.

Charley is still hitting the 1+2 lb mark and holding his own wants a long ranger outfit now calls our big dog Silver I don’t know what it will be next.

This letter Nelda you can figure out on your lonvey day I am such a scribbler.

It is now 7 o’clock must go down home get the washer out and water drawed for tomorrow also Mr Peters lunch box packed so. -- Won’t you try and come up soon always welcome you know.

So till I hear from you or see you



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