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November 26, 1935.

Be sure + tell me whether you got your money or not. I sent it special delivery.

Dearest Walter,

Well Darling here it is Wed. night + haven’t heard from you since I got home so it will be Friday before I hear now as to-morrow is Thanksgiving day + it will seem like a long old time to me but I guess you waited to hear from me before you wrote + I am sure it was Tues. before you got my letter but just seems like I can’t get started to writing since I got back for there is so much noise + I have been so nervous I couldn’t be still but honest Darling I am doing to try and go better about writing but don’t think I am thinking of you even if I don’t write.

Darling I hope you have felt good all the time since I left that you haven’t been lonesome. I have been O.K. except my cold seems like it never will get well Ollie aimed to give me a dose of medicine but went off to bed + for got it but maybe I will take it any way for I want to be able to help out that big dinner Granma is fixing for to-morrow-. We are all going down there + it sure is raining now. School has dismissed till Monday + Geneva thought she was going to get to go home but no one came after her. Ollie had a letter from Lizzie last night saying they couldn’t come so Geneva cried till time to go to the show + then cried last night until I went to sleep + got up crying this morning the reason why none of them came after her was that Bill went home Sat + got sick + every one was busy. I tell you what I started to when I see you but every one up here is having letters to get misplaced so I guess I had better be careful what I say.

Is Ruth still at Lawrences + has she found a job yet. I wish her luck. She seemed to think I was crazy to give up finding a job so quick but as a usual thing I don’t give up so easy but I just felt like I was imposing on Evelyn + Lawrence too much + thought I bet better come home + see if I could find something here.

I haven’t heard from home since before I left Black Mt. + am beginning to get worried about them + if I don’t hear by the last of this week guess I will go + see what is wrong but don’t think I will stay very long for I sure do dread it down there this winter + Frankie says she wants me to stay here what time she does I told her that Ollie had enough to feed with out having me on her hands but reckon as I had to spend what money I had going to New Castle + some of yours besides I guess I’ll stay + while + we’ll make out the best we can.

I wrote Mrs. Divine last night didn’t say anything about needing any money but told her about my trip + guess she knows I am just about broke, but I did ask her to give me a letter of recommendation + maybe the next time I come to Cincinnati I will be able to get a job.

Frankie had a letter from Gomer today + he says he is coming down here for Xmas. Beat that if you can.

Darling every one down here knows where I was last week but I haven’t heard any one say any thing about it except Mrs. G + she is certain that we will get married now + is giving me all kinds of instructions about being good to you + she has told me a dozen times about what a fine boy you was (as if I didn’t know it) + she always reminds me that you are kind to the Griffiths. I went down to Keetons the other morning + they had to find out all about where I had been + as Ollie had already told them I was in Cincinnati they wanted to know all about where I stayed thought once I’d tell them none of their business + then thought what difference does it make.

Well Darling I am going to quit + go to bed pretty soon as I am awfully tired doing nothing so Good Night Darling sweetheart your Darling as ever


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