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November 25, 1918.

Dear Mother: --

Just received your most welcome letter, and was sure glad to hear from you , and to know you all were well.

I got a letter from Alfred to-day, he was well + said he could go to town now, + was glad to get out of the quarantine.

I think I will get my discharge next month sometime, they asked me if I was going to reenlist, I told them no.

It has been raining here for the last three days + we can’t even run the trucks, and they had three car loads of wood on track, so every man in camp had to carry wood in their arms from the track to the Camp Saturday.

I was intending to try to get a furlough next month, but will wait until I get my discharge, + then I won’t have to come back.

A boy here got a discharge to-day because he got a telegram that his father was sick, and so they just him his discharge in place of a furlough he would get one anyway in a few days.

Well Mama I will have to close ans soon your Son,


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