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November 15, 1942.

Hello Pappy!

I’m sure by this time you think I’m sure a heal of a fine pal, well I don’t blame you at all but really I’ve never been so dam busy as I have the past month, things are changing very fast here and lately I had to teach two classes a day, that sure is hard on the throating talking continuously for seven hours a day. The grading of homework papers is also a big job with two classes and I spend about ten hours a day in school now, I have more than seventy men to teach now and it sure is plenty of work.

I don’t get to town much anymore, I did get in twice to shoot on the local rifle range and did pretty good, the first time I shot a gun in ten months I made a 92 and a 93 out of 100, the second time I made 94 and 96 so I guess that’s holding up the good record for the “Boone boys” what do you say? I haven’t done any hunting here, but hunting is pretty good, we had some pheasant and wild duck dinners here at camp already, the hunters donated the game to us and it was pretty good.

Boy do I miss my hunting, I’d give a lot to be home hunting with you and the boys now, how are you making out, are you getting plenty of game? I hope you get plenty, and no missing them pappy, remember you have to hold up the “Boone boys” reputation back home, ha ha. Last week as I was in formation taking exercises I saw a wild duck fly over camp, well right then and there I just stood there and watched that duck while my thoughts drifted a thousand and a half miles eastward to you and the boys, the sergeant spotted me and roared out and swapped me into action again, ha ha, but all I thought of was hunting and home the rest of the day.

Again we instructors get the work to do, furloughs are being given around Christmas but none will be given to the instructors, 24 hours a week is all we can get off, they need us too badly, if we’re so dam important, I sure wish they would pay us what our job deserves. Well, anyway I feel confident that I will be home in time for hunting season next year, the war will be over by then or by heck “Sammy Boone” is not a prophet.

Snuffy is still going O.K. and the last I heard from him he was still in Texas and had been made a Private First Class, he had expected to leave there but I don’t know if he did or not. I also heard from Hartman, he is going bear hunting, I hope he gets on this year, it’s about time he gets one what do you say? Our friend Parsons is at Scott Field, Illinois at the radio school there, he is going good for far and expects to leave soon. Say Pappy if you get to see Red Marves, ask him how he liked the shooting lesson I sent him, I told him I was going to send him “three easy lessons” on shooting so that he could practice up a little for the shooting match when I get home, ha ha.

I haven’t heard from Backman for a very long time now, I don’t know where he is at or what he is doing, he may be across by now for all I know. How are the folks down country getting along these days? I hope they are well and happy and hope they have a nice thanksgiving, and if I don’t get to write before Christmas I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

There isn’t much doing around here these days, the first class has graduated here, and the second graduates tomorrow, from now on a steady stream of radio operators and mechanics will continue to pour out of here every weak to man the new planes which are being made. I taught one class for ten week and when I left it, the student brought me a nice leather carrying case for my books and papers as a parting present, most of the students are swell fellows and work hard to make good. In my class I have had radio engineers, chemical engineers, economy experts, accountants, lawyers, movie actors, play writers, musicians, school teachers, college instructors, and even a physics professor who has written several books on mathematics. All kinds of men from all walks of life pass through this school, and it sure makes me feel kind of silly teaching these highly educated men when I have had only a high school education, but then that's the army and I know radio, which they don’t.

Well I must close for now, so best wish to all and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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