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May 8, 1953.

My own dearest Har & Daddy – 

Hi dear!! How are things with you? Before I forget, how are you managing with your washing etc now your mother is working – do you take it to the launderette yourself? Are you sure you are eating OK? 

Today became sort of chilly & I wasn’t going to take the kids to the beach again but the weather didn’t permit that. 

Still if its nice tomorrow we’re going to take them up on the hill to a picnic– remember Portsdown Hill? You should well you’d never recognize it now – they’ve built a project of prefabs all along the bottom half of it – they look like ranchers – everywhere you look they have built prefabs  & council houses. I made hamburgers in barbecue sauce – tonight & everyone was thrilled to pieces with them – all this week I’ve been cooking dinner at night and when its family come home from work at night, they’ve been really appreciative of the hot meal & they’ve been really appreciative of the hot meal & the housework finished etc. They can’t get over the tasty meals I’ve made (what a big head I’ll get) I introduced them to potato salad & braised steak & onions – and of course hamburgers. When I went to the butchers today, I asked for ground meat her thought I was daft – she said you wouldn’t mean minced meat, by any chance would you?

How are things going at work? Did you get a bonus this week? How are you doing paying off Lollie? Ok? et me know ducks. Before I forget send me Dor Shema exact number? I think its 3045 Diamond – Ailene wants to send him a card also Sylvia’s number – Bennie’s sister I’m trying to write to everyone but I’ll have to send them all at the same time or they’l be trouble I’m hurrying with this dear as I want to get the 8 o’clock PM mail so that you’ll get this Monday night when you get home – it isn’t very newsy dear – but is a letter at least and it’ll avoid disappointment for you. The only thing you probably won’t be able to read a single word of it – my writing is horrid. 

Well dear I’m going to close it now – &  I want to run around the corner and mail this –So take care and write soon – all our very best– love you– Regards to all – Ailene – Cheryl – Sandy XXXXXXXXX

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