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May 4, 1953.

My own dearest Har – 

Hi dear – you made me very happy with you letter today. Also the Mothers Day card. When was M. Day? Its a different date over here. 

The kids are feeling loads better – but haven’t forgotten you one bit – Ailene still asks about 10 times a day “Is my daddy taken care of??” and she often bursts into tears and says she loves her daddy. 

We had the ham a week ago – on the Sunday – remember I told you we had a party? Well everyone just dug right in – 16 of us in all and damn good it was too!! Lollie sent her letters by sea mail. They took 10 days and I answered them a couple of days after getting them. 

Can’t understand why Mom didn’t get her card – I purposely sent her one because I knew what it would be – maybe she got it by now though huh? 

Dear the material on the mens clothes is the real stuff – the jacket is real seige Baratlea – if you know anything about goods – and they aren’t summer jackets – my brother paid around 15 dollars for his but I can get it cheaper because I have tax coupons – being a visitor, and I get it free of purchase tax – I have just enough coupons to cover it. So the decision is up to you dear – I know you’re “fussy” – 

What job does Mother have now & where? The food is very monotonous, not much variety but we’re eating – we get.. rations of of ½ ounces cheese a week – 30 cents meat (the just raised it 10 cents for a while) – 2 ounces sugar – 3 ounces bacon. The only veg available is are canned and that’s peas and baked beans – most of the packages we went Mom she saved for us coming home (and we can really use them too). 

I had the kids to another park. Today we walked 4 ½ miles there and back & I feel wonderful. 

Mom went back to work today and tomorrow we’re going back to […] dinner at night. She really spoiled me but golly it’s wonderful to have a mother fussing around you all the time looking out you don’t do too much (think I’ll adopt Mrs Diamond when I get back). […]

Everyone is just spellbound by Cheryl & Ailene has them all agog. My kids!!! 

Well ducks take it easy and write real soon. We all miss you terribly. Say hello to everyone and I’ll write to Mother tomorrow to shut her up. All our love & take good care of yourself. 

Ailene - Cheryl – Sandy XXXXXXX

Dear Daddy we love you lots and lots take our vacation when we get home! 

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