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May 24, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Har & Daddy –

Hi Toots – I’m having a nice hot bath right now (wish you were here) so rather than read I thought I write to my favorite husband.

Today is a really beautiful day – a typicaly English summer day – real hot & no humidity – Cheryl still has her cold and got up screaming like a fog horn – so we didn’t go out today. Jackie’s had Ailene along the beach today (this morning) and took her on the Pier and amusements and all kinds of things and they got back about 1:30pm and they were really ready for dinner. Ailene ate like a horse.

After this bath I’m going to get a sunbath in the garden until tea time – Ailene is already out there and Cheryl is taking a nap.

Went to the theater last night and saw a very good variety show, it really made a change – Rita put the girls to bed for me and they were very good she said.

I popped around to see my grandmother yesterday, for a few minutes and she is very worn out from looking after my uncle – he’s going pretty fast, the Doc says and is sort of out of his head, doesn’t recognize anyone and keeps trying to get out of bed and says he’s going to the races but doesn’t know whether he should wear his bowler or tophat. Don’t just know much money the old girl has but she says that her remaining house she is leaving to her daughter, her money, that my Dad would have got is going to Mom so we’ll see just how much the divvy is.

Is it still sweating in Philly or did it cool off?

Only 9 more days to go till the Coronation – I’ll be glad when it’s over with. It’s getting a little sickening already. My mom & family are doing U.K. in vacations – though they get tomorrow off – next Monday and Tuesday for the Coronation and the following Monday for the Fleet Review – plus 3 weeks vacation time besides. Golly this welfare state is really ideal for young couples they get all kinds of free stuff if they have babies. Even get paid to have babies & get a weekly allowance for every child after the first – cheap or free milk for the kids – cheap orange juice & vitamins – and all their medical needs free though that applies to everyone. But that is whats keep the nation poor.

Well dear I’ll tell you more about all this when I see you in person.

So for now take good care of yourself – and write soon – all our fondest love and kisses, etc.

Big hugs and squeezes,

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy XXXXXXXXXXXX

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