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May 18, 1953.

Dear Daddy & Har – we love you passionately, 

Thanks for your letter – must say you far exceeded my expectations – knowing how you love to letter write. (Was very happy to know you’re moving your bowels every day). How about sending a little of that heat over here? We could really use it.  This morning it was not raining but very miserable & by lunch it was pour buckets again. 

Honey I can’t impress upon you enough that I have no desire to go “astray” – have I ever given you any reason for that line of thinking? You don’t have to worry dear – I’m yours 100% I’m waiting patiently! 

What was the silly question I asked dear? I think you must have misinterpreted something I wrote as a joke – I’ve written and asked no serious questions other than – do you love me – and are you eating okay & are you taking care of yourself for me? – Whatever it was I was joking about believe me dear. 

I had the kids up to the dairy where I used to work & they were thrilled to pieces. Ailene was fascinated with the bottling machines and the conveyor belts. But the best thing was the kick I got out of seeing her face light up when I took them to the ice cream department. 

They were making the regular ice cream & popsicles & naturally they were plastered with samples and when we left they gave me a great package of stuff– a 2 gallon of assorted flavors  & a dozen cups – when I got home I wrapped it all up in about 9 whole newspapers to try and keep it solid. Tonight we had it for desert it was nice and creamy and the popsickles were just right – not too frozen. 

Jack & Rita say I should go visit the old place again tomorrow again and every day thereafter. 

As I’m writing this the kids are in the bath and I’m sitting right by and keep getting soaked. Cheryl is really kicking up a rumpus – you should see her stomach. 

She’s standing up on Ailene’s belly and saying “Wook mommy wook at Cheryl!!” She calls everyone Big uss or Big Tussy and gives them a whack on the rear end– so far though she’s confined this habit to just the family – fortunately!!

After I’ve finished this I shall go and sit by the fire with a book and roast my feet dry!! How relaxing that is – if ever we buy a home we have to make certain it has a fireplace in it – think how romantic the firelight is – but then your not the romantic type are my ducks. 

You’d be like my mom – she always falls asleep whenever she is by a fire– well dear enough of this nonsense for now – take good care of yourself & dont worry about me. “I’m yours heart and soul I am yours”.

Write us all real soon now.

Our regards to everyone.  We love you desperately.

Big Hugs & Kisses, All our love 

Ailene – Cheryl – Sandy 


We mis you lots & lots & can’t wait until we get to a hold of you – gonna love you lots

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