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May 1, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hello Ranny,

Remember Jimmie Cannon and Clair Richards? You do? Well, that’s us. Yeah, believe it or not sure is a small world. Somewhere in the South Pacific below the equator we run into each other in the damndest (check that) way Clair started to fly yesterday and a fellow from another combat crew was flying with him. Just as the (double talk) shep was taking off, this fellow turned and asked Clair where he was from. Clair said Akron, Ohio. The fellow then turned a down-cast face toward him and said “Gosh, I thought I knew you.” So Clair asked him where he hailed from. The fellow said Youngstown, Ohio. So Clair damned near went through the top. “Hell,” he said “I lived in Youngstown. Went to school at South.” “Me too,” said the unknown “my names Cannon.” “Mines Richards,” said Clair Cannon then said, “Is your first name Clair?” “Sure,” said Richards “Is yours Jim?” “Righto,” came the reply.

So Clair and Jim started stirring up old acquaintances.

Jimmie’s Page: “Autobiography”

Well, Ranny old man, we got to about the fellows and gals of our alma mater and we both knew you pretty well. Its been a helluva long time since I’d seen any body I knew from the old hometown that I was tricked to death. (Jim writing now). Clair is now in the same outfit as I am now and we can pal around together + talk about the good old days. Our jobs in the squadron are flying and we both like our jobs. All we’d need to make our outfit complete is you.

One of these days Clair and I will be back in Youngstown with enough medals to look like a jewellery shop and when that day comes in Youngstown were really going to do the old town up in fine style and your going to help us.

We’ve got a 2 pages censor regulation on our letters so we’ll close for now, but will write again soon.

From a couple of old Pals,

Jimmie + Clair

P.S. Drop us a line + give us the lowdown on all the guys + gals back their.

P.P.S We are “Somewhere in the Southwest Pacific” our addresses are the same. (Maybe if the sensor are good guys they’ll let this third go through)

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