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June 30, 1943.

Hello Ranny:

Well kid its good to hear from you. Say Ralph you wouldn’t bitch so much if you knew the trouble we are having in the G.F. They are going to raise the rates in 2 wks. We are starting on the new ship (P-63) and everybody wants to get on it. (steady days) Well I guess you know ELmer is our “big boss” now. I’m still working on the “squeezer” but Ray Quinn told me I was going to get a “break” soon. Black Tony + Harry Beshora were rejected. Cherry + Willie (the kid with face spots on him) are going to leave in July. Your “Pop + Mom” says to be a good boy. Viq also sends his best wishes.

About “Rake”. The poor boy is sick. He has to go to Akron for exam on July 7. I’ll let you know how he makes out. If he passes I might buy his “41” oldsmobile for $950.00. I still see some of your boy friends around and the Park is a regular U.S.O. anymore. About me + Red, we still go out together like we used to before you left. I got a card from Joe Zojac and he doesn’t seem to like the army life one bit. About pictures. Send me a bunch of them so I can fill a page of my book (I got a page reserved for each guy). I’ll send you one of me as soon as I can.

I’m working 3 to 11 and have to now so Soooooooooooooooooo Long

Your Pal


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