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June 28, 1943.

Dearest Ralph;

Received your most interesting letter. I was sure glad to hear from you. I thought that you wouldn’t write to me. They sure keep you busy out there. So you like Army Life. Well it is well out in the Camps. Especially out in Texas. Steve is a Mechanic if I’m not mistaken. I just got a card from him. He said hell + take it easy. Carmen is going to Cleveland on the 30th of this month. So now it won’t be long, that he’ll be leaving for the Army Life also. Ralph I just had some snapshots taken. So now just as soon as I have them developed I’ll send you one. So please don’t forget to send me one of yourself.

Gee I just hope that you get a furlough. I’m trying to see you in your uniform. I wish you all the luck in the world. Hope that you do get to rate a Corporal too. I also hope that you make good on it too. So you really enjoy dancing out there. Gee some boys don’t even get to go to dances. Did you hear from your Mother + Dad? I’ll keep on writing to you if you say so honey. I sure do appreciate you corresponding with me also. I love to write to soldier boys. Especially you. You sure write interesting letters. It sure is warm out in Ohio. I’m planning on going to Indiana maybe next month. So in case I do I’ll let you Ranny. I got my shorts on + I’m sitting on the swing + writing to my best soldier boy.

It sure is dead out here without you around. After I get through with you your letter I have to answer Jerry’s letter. I hope that you don’t go overseas soon. I would like to see you in uniform. I’ll bet you look handsome in a uniform. Please Ranny don’t forget to send one snapshot. Then I’ll send you mine in my next letter. All the girls said hello. Please keep on writing. See there isn’t anything new out here in Gerdid. We just got through painting our kitchen. Mother painted it. It sure looks swell. Irene got her a new breakfast set. I got her a new carpet + cottage set. Do you get very many letters from all our friends? It it swell if everybody writes to you at least it keeps you busy reading. You better get all the rest + sleep you can get. Now I hope to hear from you again. I’m getting tired + sleepy. I just came home from work. So now I’ll close for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Until then I’ll close with Luck + Love.

Wishing you lots of Luck in the world. Now don’t work too hard. So please take it easy for a while. Ranny no don’t rush. Please take your time in answering my letter. I’ll close for no until I hear from you. So long until I hear from you.

Adios for now,

Ans Soon.



Bye Bye Now

Loads of Kisses +Love

P.S. Ranny I can’t make out what W.O.O.L.A.H. K.O.E. means? Will you please tell me what those letters mean? Here is one for you:


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