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June 26, 1943.

Dear Darling:

I was more than happy to hear from you today. Your letters are my medicine. Without them I won’t feel good. So doctor’s orders are, to have a daily dose of medicine. Hon, I’ve been writing every day lately, all except Tuesday night because I hadn’t received any mail from you. I always write as long as you do. Also received a letter from Creamy today.

Hon, I tried to get film today, but no one had them, but I won’t give up. I’ll try again.

I’ll send your gum immediately. Hon, Homer is going back to camp tonight. Last night, I called up Bea. She told me that she and Homer broke up but they were going out that night. But, I don’t know what happened after that maybe they got together again. I hope they did.

He’ll be down to see you some week-end. He’ll probably tell you what happened between him and Bea then.

You asked how the dance was Sunday night. It was pretty solid. Those girls really can beat it out. You should have seen the Drummer. She is a tall, thin girl and does she beat the drums. She’s really silly. I had a good time but something was missing. I’ll give you three guesses what it was.

Yes, I know Spike. I didn’t know that he was in the Army. He’s a nice kid.

Today was a pretty big day for you, wasn’t it, hon? Were you an usher? How did the Wedding turn out? I’ll bet Ferdinand was happy today. Did you all get plastered? You should of just to celebrate.

Is his wife going to stay there all the time?

How is Colla? And Moe? Is he still getting into mischief? Don’t ever let the Sergeant hear you or Moe complaining. Here’s what happened to a soldier that complained at Camp Bowie. He complained because they had to undress, take a shower, and dress again in ten minutes. The Sergeant heard him and this was his punishment. He had to dig a hole 6 feet deep and 6 feet wife in that hot sun. While he dug, the sergeant sat and watched and drank cold cokes and smoked cigarettes. When the boy finished the Sergeant threw his cigarette butt in the ole and said ‘Cover it up.’ And he did.

Wasn’t that awful? So be careful, hon. But I know you won’t complain. You are beginning to like the army now.

Tomorrow night, I might go to Idona. I really don’t care to go.

Next week, we are having a Store Picnic. By that, I mean Murphy’s. We are having it at Mill Creek Park and then in the evening, we are going dancing at Idona. The picnic will be held either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Hon, do you remember the time, we went to Craigs Beach on a picnic. I’ll sure miss them this summer.

Hon, how is the Elevator Tracer getting along? Do you like to do that? Isn’t it a little dangerous? Do be careful.

Hon, today a man came in the store, and bought some lace from me. He had on a shirt from Camp Hulen. Curiosity killed the cat, I just had to ask him if he was there. He said that he was, but he had been rejected because he was too old to be in the army now. He said that he was going down there in a couple of weeks just to visit. That’s how much he likes it. I told him to look you up when he got there and he said that he would.

Hon, did you ever receive Vicky’s cookies? She wondered because you haven’t written. Write to her. I think that she really loves Joe. He hasn’t written to her for 4 days now. He told me that he isn’t anymore. She wants me to write to him and fix it up. Doggone it, you boys are in the army and we still have to Mr. Fix It. I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry I act smart when I go out in Helen’s car, and we are careful. We went to Hubard one night. First, we shopped. I bought a long chain for my slacks, then we went to Hyman’s Drug Store. You should see how nice it is in there. In the back are booths and a dance floor. We danced there for a while and then went to the Airport Tavern in Yo. And danced some more. We had a pretty good time.

Hon, I do hope you are going t into town and having a good time. What are you going to do on the 4th of July? Miss you more than ever, hon. I do wish you could come home even for one day. “Whenever your lonesome, please think of me.” Now, that’s not conceit, its a song. Whenever I get lonesome I always think of you. Darling, write soon.

All my love, May

P.S. Mrs Anthony said hello

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