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June 21, 1937.

Darlingest: –

Only 12 more days! (you see that big exclamation mark?) That’s just how I feel about that first statement.

Sweetie pie I worked today + tonight but here I am right on the job o’boy, o’boy.

Do I still have my wave? No, I gets good and tard fussin’ + primpin’ all the time. Only may be I’m foolin’.

How am I feeling? Swell.

Do I still have the marks on my face? Many a wun. (That’s ONE in case you can’t make that out.)

Well, Ken got his new car. A Chevrolet. ‘Swake tone with a radio. It sure is nice looking.

Honey dear I think I’m going to get a new olds ‘38 when they come out. That will be about the middle of Dec. Then I will try to forget cars for about 3 or 4 years. Never again will I buy a used car. Not if it only has 300 miles on it.

Did you write to Mrs. Green yet? She is sorta expecting a letter from you.

Sugar plum, (that’s a new one) I think that you will need quite a rest here in York before you even think about going back to work.

Honey, write to me often. I sit here alone, in our favorite chair and read your letters, beginning with the first one I got and then on thru to the last.

Won’t it be swell to spend a whole day all by ourselves when we get back here to York?

Lord’s day evening I took Sam’s brother John back to the Industrial school in Hershey. He was home over the week end. Gee, but that sure is a nice place. It’s just like a college. John showed us his room and all of his clothes that they gave him and a very nice leather covered Bible. (Each boy gets a nice Bible when he is 11 years old.)

John seems to be happy there. I don’t see why he shouldn’t be.

When we left I have him some money for himself and his buddy. He sure seemed tickled.

Sam and Ralphie went along with me. After we left John Sam suggested we go down to the Park there in Hershey as he had never been there before so we went down. Sam and I each had a pocket full of tracts and we started to distribute them and by doing so we contacted two young men who seemed quite muddled as to the way of salvation and we had quite a talk with them. They were interested listeners.

Honey dear, the apartment is crusty dirty and I just don’t have time to get to clean it if I am working practically day and nite again. I did manage to clean it good once since you are gone. I got to it late one Saturday afternoon.

I am going to have Mrs. Green clean it good when I come down for you that way it will be clean for us when we get home.

Sam sure is tickled to be able to come along down. I am sorta glad too because he said he wants to pay half of the expenses and I will use about 60 gals of gas on the whole trip, not counting one oil drain. Of course I wouldn’t let him pay half of the expenses.

Say sweety, you better gradually start messing my portrait up before I get down there, cause I sure ‘nuff don’t want to be too much of a disappointment next to Clyde’s sister. No foolin.

Hon, I sure hope the days pass fast from now on until the Fourth of July.

You ought to see Nat and Jim’s youngster. He sure is getting big. And Ken’s two are cute as ever. Travy ask about aunt ‘Nonie’. I was out the other nite and they were about ready for bed and in the meantime the auto salesman called. Well Dot told Trav and Nick to kiss Uncle Kay good-night before they went to bed and they did. Then they both went to the salesman and looked up into his face and would move an inch toward the stairway until he picked each one up and kissed them good night.

Ken laughed said ‘Of, for the life of a salesman. You gotta go around kissing your prospects kids in order to sell a car.’

By the way sweetheart, on Wed. the 23rd our little girl would be 5 years old. I can’t hardly imagine that we could have had a child that old already if the Lord would have seen fit not to take her to be with Himself.

May be he will soon bless us with another, I hope.

I just must get to bed sweetheart or I won’t be able to get up in the morning.

As Ever,

Your Kaye

A Kiss in There

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