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June 12, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My Dear Son:

I received your lovely letter Sat. June 12 and was very happy to hear that you are feeling better. We are feeling well but we miss you terrible, when I call for Joe, I always say Ralph as you know you were the first one on the program.

When your name was in the paper that you left for the Army you should of heard the phone calls I received, asking about you if it was true. They did not think you were 19 years old, they all thought you were still a young boy, it hardly seems possible. I said yes, Ralph is 19 years old. When the people in Girard found out the phone was always ringing asking about you. Ralph, lot of people were interested in you. I think it was very nice. You are a popular boy. I think you have received the things you asked for, I hope so.

“Vicky” calls me up almost every day, she is lot of fun, she said she did write you a long letter, and she also send you some cookies. I think she is swell. She did not write to JOe until about a few days ago. I don’t know why but I suppose on account of her mother. Mother’s know best.

Is Ralph Colla in the same hut with you? I am glad to hear you like the army. I know you will be a good boy and make the best of it.

Virginia Del Bene, graduated last Thursday. I did not go but I sent her a card. Bobby Sferra, graduated Tuesday, we went to see him. Did you write to uncle Steve, Aunt Mary? The address is “612 Oxford Ave”. They will be glad to hear from you.

Yolanda, has a baby boy, it was born June 2. Is Uncle Joe glad! Do you know Yolanda’s address? Drop her a card.

Franke Del Bene arrived this morning, he is coming over tomorrow and we will have a nice talk about Texas.

School was out Friday and is Joe glad. He goes to South next year but he wants to go to Military School, “Castle Heights”.

I will close now wishing you lots of luck and God Bless You.

Your Mother,


Regards and love from all

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