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July 9, 1943.

Dear Ranny,

How is my sweet today? I hope you are fine because I feel fine and when I feel fine I want everybody to feel fine.

Right? (That’s right). I didn’t get a letter from Harry today. I’ll have to see him about that. Yes - yes!!!

I saw Jenny today. She looked so cute I could have grabbed her and kissed the devil out of her. Boy Ranny that girl really loves you. That’s all she ever talksa bout is you. She’s really a sweet chick. And I also saw Vicky. She told me she broke up with Joe, and I said why? She said because Joe was too jealous of you. Imagine!!! Sometimes I think she is crazy.

Have you heard from harry? I told him a million and one times to write to you so I think he wrote to you by now. Did you write and tell him to be true to me?

Do me a favor Ranny -- write him a letter and ask him if he is really serious about me. I would really like to know. He claims he loves me btu I don’t know, you’ll do that won’t you. Now don’t tell him I told you to write or I’ll moider you. Listen boy when you come home me and you are going to have a good time. I mean it boy.

It’s raining now. I’m telling you we haven’t had nice weather at all.

Well now don’t forget and do me that favor. Write and tell me the answer and you’d better tell me exactly what he tells you.

Well I guess I will close now and write Harry a letter.

Harry called me up Sunday and I called him Monday. He said he and Whitey were coming home together. WEll I’ll close now don’t forget that favor.

Lots of luck to a little darling,


P.S. You handsome brute

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