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July 9, 1943.

Dear Ranny

Received your most welcome letter, and was sure glad to hear from you. How’s the boy doin? Can’t wait until next week to see Charlie Barnet. Now, he’s really solid!

Bob Astor’s out the Park now -- not bad!

Little Sammy is still around but most of the boys are gone. Lou’s still expecting, think he was rejected. The park looks like a U.S.O. Hall -- with all the soldiers.

Was surprised to hear Angie is down there. When are they geting married?

Jackson, you’re really in a tough outfit! Guess they don’t kid when they train you guys.

No, I haven’t a job. I’m still sitting around. No future in working is there?

Well rat, I’ll trickle down the old turf and dip you later.

Don’t forger to rustle me some jive!

With Love,


P.S. Received a letter from Martin North!

P.P.S. What does this mean just don’t translate it. W.O.O.L.A.A.F.O.E.W.

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