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July 7, 1943.

Dear Son:

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with them boils again. Please do some thing for them. Go in the hospital and get them treated. Do not wait and do not be afraid to go and tell them about it. Is there any of the other boys sick? You were weak from here, but Ralph do not be discouraged, keep your chin up. I am praying to the Lord to give you strength and health to carry on. In the morning when you get up say “O Lord I offer thee my prayer and sugaring of the day,” and the Lord will help you. Do you go to CHurch there? Please do. How about your clothes? Do you sent them to the laundry or do you wash them? Harry said he washes them, he does his own washing.

“Henry White” was home on furlough, and he said he was sick for a while in fact he lost nine pounds, he does not look well. His brother Thommy White is leaving July 10th.

Mr. Cutrie our next door neighbor is leaving for the army July 15th. Lee Olson left last Friday and that makes three of the Olson boys. Only Bud is left home. You can imagine how Mrs. Olson feels with three sons in the army.

Jody DeGennera is working in the post office, they are hiring boys of 16 years of age. I wish our Josey could get a job like that. Josey went to Cleveland Friday to see the ball game. Dickie his father and Joe went on the train. He enjoyed it very much.

Do you receive a lot of letters? Lots of people I see tell me they write to you. Is it true?

Get as much rest as possible write to people once in a while. Do not overdue.

Uncle Joe went to Mt. Clemens for baths, he left Sunday and then he is going to Madison to see his children + grandchildren. Hoping to hear that you are feeling better.

Regards and Love from all.

Your mother

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