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July 6, 1943.

Dear Darling:

Received both of your letters today and it was paradise i haven’t heard from you for a few days, but that isn’t your fault. We don’t get mail on a Sunday and we didn’t receive mail this Monday because it was a holiday. The longer I wait for your mail I feel happier when I receive it. (Now, don’t let me wait a week for a letter thinking that I’ll burst with happiness) I’ll burst all right, but not with happiness. I’m feeling fine except that I miss you terribly much.

I hope you are feeling fine too, hon. “Let’s Get Lost” is playing. It’s such a beautiful song. It reminds me of a time that we were together in your car across the street from our house. In the empty lot near the Mill and you had to be at work at 11 that night, but you were late. You took me in your arms and said “Let’s Get Lost”. Remember? And I pushed you away and said, get out of here, go and get lost with someone else.

But maybe you don’t remember because you told me once that you had a very bad memory.

Yesterday noon, I went to Weller’s Funeral Home to see Florence DeBartolo. She really looked beautiful. It seemed as if she were just sleeping. I stood there for almost two hours. I tried not to cry but I just couldn’t hold it, especially when her sisters cried. Her mom had died 2 years ago, I used to sew for her during the summer. Three of her brothers are in the Army and they all came home. One was at Texas, one in California and I can’t remember where the other one was at. The burial was held today. Her dad in the hospital in Michigan and couldn’t come home. One of her sisters, a nurse, was there with him, but she came home.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this, its just making you feel more blue and is probably boring you.

Last night I went to Idona. There were fireworks at 10 o’clock. I had gone in Dancing. It was just jammed you could hardly dance. There were too darn many farmers there. I had a pretty good time. I was wishing that you were there, hon. Tonight I’m going to bed with the chickens.

Hon you should have seen Pacruckie last night. He had 3 or 4 different kinds of hats, parading around the floor. He had the Dance hall in an uproar. Then he danced with me which made them laugh more because he is so darn tall. He is a picnic all alone. He said he’d save that drink for you when the war is over.

Yes, our Store Picnic was a great success. We should have more. I’m glad to hear that you received your pay, hon. I hope you don’t start gambling. It’s a pretty bad habit.

I could imagine how exciting it would be on the Rifle Range. Were you a pretty good shot? Too bad you were caught sleeping in your tent. Try to be more careful, hon, it isn't’ any too pleasant to get in bad wit the sergeants. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert housewife on K.P.

I think you are being very wise not to pal with Moe. He might get you into trouble also. I thought he was a little conceited the way he wrote. He’ll be sorry he treated his girl that way when he doesn’t receive any mail. Serves himrigh, though. I won’t bother to write to his girl, maybe she is better off without him.

I must have misunderstood you when you told me about the wedding. Well, I wish them all the luck in the world. I’m sure they’ll be very happy together. Last night, Kay told me that she told Whitey that she wasn’t going to see him. She was really going with his parents to see him but changed her mind. Whitey feels pretty bad about it.

Ranny, there isn’t anything in the world that I want more than coming down to see you. As much as I want to, I don’t think I can. You know how people would talk. For that reason, my mother wouldn’t let me go. It isn’t the money problem.

I pray that you’ll get a furlough very soon.

Sorry to hear that you are so busy that you can’t go into town. Here’s hoping that you can go soon.

Honey, I hope you are having a good time at the entertainment in camp.

I’ll kiss your picture tonight too, hon, because I love you too, and always will. And you can bet your life I’m being good.

Write soon, darling.

All my love,

Forever Your Own,


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