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July 6, 1935.

We just arrived here. Of course it’s raining – like always when the “weather birds” arrive. The Schafberg is cloaked in clouds – as I see it, it also doesn’t want to see the “weather birds”. My report card was good: three times “very good”, one “satisfactory” and the rest “good”. My poor Schnürrchen had to stay in Vienna to work at the office. Yes, the brothers have to make more effort! I hope they will join us at Mondsee. Mother and father are looking out of the window just now. This time we are very late at Mondsee, as tomorrow is already my birthday and last year at the same time we had already been here for a while. It is still raining! And it’s freezing cold too. I hope we can go swimming soon. But for now, I have to close.

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