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July 6, 1934.

Mondsee July* 6, 1934

While Mrs. ALWINE DOLLFUß was in Vienna attending her husband’s funeral, their two children were playing on the beach of Riccione having no inkling of what had happened. But when the widow called Mrs. KARWINSKI from Vienna, Eva (the little daughter of the Chancellor) insisted on talking to her mother. After the little son of the Chancellor had talked to their mother, Eva grabbed the handset of the telephone and demanded, “Come and bring father!” And the mother said nothing. The child started crying and didn’t speak a word the whole day. Nothing could console her, the child had intuitively felt that the father had died. And when Mrs. Dollfuss returned, the children noticed that she was wearing mourning clothes and now they knew for certainty that father would not return to Riccione anymore to play and to swim with them, like he promised when he had left for Vienna… Someone found the wallet of the deceased Chancellor that had been stolen from him, which was lying in the yard. So mean!

Means August not July

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