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July 20, 1943.

Hello Ranny:

I’m sorry to answer this late but they’ve been working the hell out of us. Well now to talk about the G.F. Elmber is a damn good boss, the best we’ve had yet. The new ship is not very hard to make except for a ammunitions case in it. “Ruke” leaves for the ARmy tomorrow (July 21, 1943). About raising the rates they raised it 4 tips but they didn’t raise our wages a cent.

Creamy is going to school now and he was just transferred. Thanks for the picture. Send some a little bigger so I can see what you look like?

I think all your boys are gone now I don’t see any of them anymore. Well Ranny I have to go to work now (3 to 11) so be good.

Your Pal, Freddie

P.S. The G.F. gang says hello

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