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July 18, 1943.

Dear Ranny:

Received your letter and was glad to hear from you. But I was so sorry to hear you were sick. Your mother called me up the other night and told me you were much better. I haven’t gone up to see her about two weeks. She calls me up + wants me to go up. But I just can’t fine time. I have been painting. I painted the cellar last week. I painted her celler. The walls cream, it is a light cream. The wood work Green + the chairs a white Ivory. It came pretty. They house is ours so if us kids don’t take care of it no one will. Even made new curtains for her cellar. Green + white.

Has for Joe I don’t write to him any more. Because I don’t want to have anything to do with him. After all my mother means alot to me. He is to mean anyway. I don’t even write to him. If I want to get married I can anytime. Because I have been asked by alot of boys not to marry them. They are in the Army that doesn’t cut any ice. After I am married I like to come over to see my mother. Ranny a mother never tells you do the wrong thing. I wish he would fine some one else. Because I don’t want him. I am going out + I am enjoy myself. I have told him that Red is my best girl friend + I go out with her. She doesn’t go with Fred neither. So we are both free. We are going out to night together. Her brother is home from the Army. She is a swell kid. If I told him to I don’t have to wait for the war to be over with to do what I please. Because I am doing it now. Red + I are having a hell of a good time together. You don’t have to explain anything to him. I hate him do you hear that.

Jimmy Cole is not up at the G.F. He is now in California. He had a fight with the boss + left down.

Well when your mother comes down to see you maybe I will. If I am not married by then. You know this is a crazy world Ranny.

The weather has been warm to day Ranny. It was Sunday to day. But I clean all the front rooms.

I don’t see Jenny any more it is almost a month. She calls me up once in a while but I am never home. Yesterday I seen her on her lunch hour. She said boy I didn’t see you long Vicky. She also told me I was looking good + had put on weight which I did. She said she wanted to take pictures. But I told her I didn’t know when I would be free. I don’t go with any of them. She told me you call her up.

Well I’ll close know. Because I have about 8 more letters to write Army, Navy + two Coast Guard Boys. I write to them all.

Hoping to here from you soon.

Love + Regards from all to you.

Love Always,


Got a letter from Frank Covelli. He sent me two pictures. He looks good. But he is now sick.

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