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July 17, 1943.

Hello Sweetheart (Ranny)

I received your long awaited letter, I wish it didn’t take four days to get here. Maybe you didn’t know it but I can’t wait till your letter gets here. I want to thank you for the picture I have it standing up and as I’m writing every once in a while I look at it. I really miss you, its been about 2 month you been away and it seems like a year. You look so cute in your uniform, there’s a great difference in the way you look. Now you look like a man. The next picture you take I wish you would smile, I love the way you smile. My mother seen your picture and she said it was very nice. I’m going to buy a frame and put the picture in and put it on my dresser.

I’m glad to hear you like my picture and your buddies too. So you kiss my picture, that shows you really miss me, I believe you now. I hope you don’t feel bad because I can’t come and see you. You know if I could I would but that’s impossible. I hear that you wanted to send Jenny the money to come see you too. She told me herself, I was talking to her Tue out the Park and that you were in the hospital. Did you have a good rest, I hope you did. You sure need it in your picture you look sort of tired. Are you getting tan or is it just the way the picture came. Hows your boils now.

So you don’t want me to get friendly with Mat I went out with him Sat. and had a very good time but they can’t never compare with the dates I had with you. I really miss those dates and all the fun we had. I haven’t been in the “Rip Tide” since you left. I can’t wait till you come home and if you don’t come and see me fast I’ll break your cute neck, and I mean it.

Do you know what I just drank, high balls and do I feel good, my Mother said that if I don’t stop drinking she’s going to carry me to bed. How’s your stomach feel from eating that watermelon why didn’t you send me some. I love it.

Today I went swimming, the water was warm and I had lots of fun. Ruth and I always go. I told you I was out the Park Tue and did I have a good time time. Charlie Barnet was there and Bob Astor, they had a battle of music. They had one band Bob Astor at one end of the floor and Charlie Barnet at the other end. We really had a good time. He was good it was so hot that you could wring my clothes out. Its lucky I had my hair in an up sweep or I would have died from the heat. I still wear my hair the way you like it, it feels alot cooler in fact thats the only way I wear it. It feels a lot cooler in fact that's the only way I wear it.

I hope your not bored of what I’m writing. I writing anything that comes to me. You said you like long letters. I hope you can understand my writing.

You said Sloane must be generous because he send me a pillow slip and pin. Did he send that to all the girls I guess he did I was thinking why he send it, and now I know. I know your not such (sweetheart) who said you was. I did mean it the way you wrote in your letter. I don’t expect anything from you because I was surprise when you send me the pillow slip but when I hear that some other girl received the same thing I wasn’t happy. And the same thing about coming down to see you I thought you really miss me and when I heard that you wanted to give Jenny the money too I was so mad that if I had your neck I would have kill you. I wish you would write once explain a little because I want to know where I stand, because if I have chance with some other boy I’ll know whether to take it or just say not. I’m not saying I have the change but incase it comes along I’ll know what to do and where I stand with you.

I know damn well that you won’t answer me this question in your next letter but I’m telling you any how. I hope our not mad at it me for wanting that but you must consider my part too. (Mad at me hon). (Don’t bee because I still love you) do you still love me. Well that’s enough for that. I’ve heard that song “Sunday Monday and Always” I think it’s sweet. I’m still looking at your picture did you kiss my picture last night Ho, Ho (you nut) but your sweet. You only have three months on the 40 millimeter gun I hope after you can come home that would be just perfect and then you can hold me in your arms again. Well I’m running out of words so I close up for now. Write soon I’ll be waiting.

Always Love


God Bless You Always

P.S. Don’t be mad hon! I miss you more and more every day

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