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July 16, 1924.

Dear Papa and Mama:

We have just reached Glasgow which is to be our headquarters for three nights. Tomorrow we go to Ayr. Friday to the Trossachs. There is so much to write about when one beings that you hardly know what to choose. We are finding our party very delightful indeed. Mr. Plimpton, headmaster of the Academy, has been over 11 times before. Miss Rowell is the matron of the school. Mr. Fairbanks from Newport N.H. is president of the Board of Trustees and a State Senator. Miss Kendall teaches in Concord N.H. High School. Charles Brunster has just finished his Freshman year at Dartmouth, a very nice young man who reminds me of Ralph Stocker an Chester. Miss Grace Tucking of Boston is with us most of the time. She is a writer of school text books for Guinn + Company. Ted Plimpton is very nice too. For this week only we have three others with us -- two women with us on their way to the International Bar Association in London. One is from Chicago. Miss Conbi and the other from Washington -- Judge O’Toole. Her cousin Miss Rowling from Hornell, N.Y. is traveling with her. All are most pleasant.

We have stopped at very pleasant hotels all the time. This is the least pleasant btu even this is all right. The one at Edinburgh was the best. The Royal. Our window was almost across the street from the Scotts Monument in Princes Street. Edinburgh is wonderful. We went all over Hollywood Palace, the Castle, etc. John KNox home, St. Giles, Saw Guy Ferris Bobby’s drinking fountain etc. In Perwith we slept in the room and bed that used to be occupied by King Edward when he came hunting.

We sent you cards from Furness Abbey and Melrose. I believe Abbotsford was beautiful. Almost every day we have motor rides. Through the Lake Region we rode 54 miles. Tomorrow we go to Ayr by motor.

Of course the English have interest us very much. We have been on several different kinds.

I find my clothing just right. I could not have chosen better except that I would have been glad of a soft felt hat on the ship -- one that I could fold up and put in the bag. I think I shall get one before I go back. Harry says I haven’t been so well dressed at any time since I was first married. Every thing has been perfectly lovely so far. We hope to get letters at London though it may be a little soon for them but I think not. We often think of you and wish you were here.

With much love,


At Edinburgh there was a wonderful clock made entirely of flowers that really goes, I mean, tells the time.

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