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January 18, 1943.

1 hour after I saw Ina Ray Hutton. 

Dear Folks, 

I didn’t know it was going to be a coast to coast hook up. I hope you heard it. The things they said about it were very nice I wish you heard them. 

First of all she was half an hour later, the trains show know distinction to any one. However things soon got under way, she, Ina Ray Hutton, has an all male band.They not the best in the world but they are good. The program was put on by “CocaCola” and I believe is call the “Victory Parade” have you heard any? They have a different band each week. 

After the program was over we all had CocaCola as she was leaving I got her autograph in the book which “Winnie” gave me for Christmas. You should see the fur coat on the dame. 

In case you didn’t hear the program and I hope you did hear how it started. 

“The CocaCola Company” is proud to present from the nations largest army camp, the “Victory Parade”. Each week at the this time we broadcast a few different army [unclear] through out the nation bring you one of the top bands” etc. etc….Boy was the Service Club packed. 

Dad, St. Duff just gave us our Field Artillery Guides” we sent away for them over 2 months ago and just received them today they cost us $2.00 each and are supposed to be the best in F.A. As soon as I have read through a few times I’ll send it home so you can read it (I’ll write notes in it explaining as I get through it.) When you know everything in that book you can become a Colon in the Field Artillery, and that ain’t bad. 

Ma, in your letter you asked if  I should send me radio home while we go to South Carolina, but we are only going for a week or so. Why [unclear] should I send it home, I’m leaving everything else here in the barracks. I hope you understood it write we may go there for a week or so just to learn how to ride in a convoy. However our home will still be Fort Bragg in N.C. in that [unclear] now. It just a stint. 

Ele, is that thing I sent a pin cushion? I didn’t know what it was it just looked nice. 

Ele, is there a new song called “Rose Aaron and the Shadow Gross”? It seems to me that was the name Ina Ray said before she payed a very pretty number. Weather here has changed quickly today, in fact this afternoon (it was windy and cold) The [unclear] temperature in the past week was 74 not bad for Jan. I understand it was warm up north too, right?

Today we had a class in phone [unclear] you know “number lease” etc etc the arrest formation of letters and numbers. For the first time since the training battery we had an hour of drill. It seemed like old time we all had fun moving. 

Boy the war never looks good, speaking of the news, I had a new way of listening to the news I put the radio under my pillow and hear all kinds of programs and know one else even knows its on. 

Going to see if there is an CocaCola left, then play checkers with Seymour in the barrack, listen to the radio and to sleep. 

I have a new pencil flash light, its very powerful. Have it clipped on the chain Norm & Lee gave me and have it wherever I go.

What has North Carolina got that South Carolina hasn’t got? (Answer inside the envelope).



XXXXXXXX (double kisses) 

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