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February 5, 1918.

Dear Mother, Father and All,

Well, I am all signed up for the next semester. I am going to take Public Speaking and Library Science as extra work -- 3 hrs if I get permission to do it.

I also got my grades this morning. They are:

Algebra B Medieval History B

French C+

English B+

English History C+

I am disappointed with them, especially French. I think I should have had at least a B or a B+ in that. I don't know whether to say anything to Mr. Le Coy about it or not, but he certainly grades close.

I am going to work hard this semester and try to come up in everything. I am fairly well satisfied with Math but with nothing else.

I have to go up to school now so I must close.

With love to all,


P.S There is a Ruth or Katherine Snyder who is Hallene's cousin from Rockport who has come to St. Margaret's this semester. She knows Lucy Boyd.

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