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February 27, 1933.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


I suppose you have arrived on Reedy Island by this time and are feeling for your lunch. Hope you didn’t have any trouble coming down.

A few minutes ago I sent the money order for your license. Don’t we wish it was the ones for “Sadie”? I guess we’ll just appreciate “Sadie” when we can drive her again. How about it, Honey? (I’m writing all down hill for some reason or other. I guess because I had my paper tilted. I’m writing on the manicure table). This morning I cleaned my booth, the “sitting”booth, the manicure tables, all the nail polish, nail polish remover and cuticle remover bottles. And were they a mess! And do I love to clean them!

I have one appointment so far today. It will be at 12:30 for a hot oil and a F. wave. Wouldn’t be if I had about 2 ten dollar permanents today. Boy! Wouldn’t that be swell.

This isn’t my pen I’m writing with, it’s Miss Garnier’s and it write so strange. I left mine at home.

Garnier, Mint and I are going to see “Employees Entrance” after six o’clock tomorrow. Ed saw it Saturday nite and said it was great. I wish it was you and I going together, don’t you, Hon? I’ll have to tell you about the picture I’ll see and you will have to tell me about the picture you’ll see, huh? Gee, Gosh, I’ll have to sleep without you this whole big long week. I guess I’l have to sleep with your (pillow) picture under my pillow. (I am getting the cart before the horse.) But that won’t keep me very warm, do you think so?

Well, well, here it is 12:45 and I’m not through with your letter. It was first an arch, the a lady called and wondered who gave her a permanent wave last Feb. So I had to look thru all the cards.

(I just go again) And now it’s 2:30. Can you beat that! The sad part of it is it didn’t mean a thing. Only 2.00 today. That is better’n nothing tho.

Are you missing me a wee bit, Laddie? I miss you mor’n a little bit. But boy, what a thrill when you do come how!

Jack Freedman just came thru here with another man. When I first saw him I that maybe he was coming to talk to me. But I guess he was looking at the vacant room that Bears’ have to rent. At any rate he didn’t recognize me, thank goodness. You’ll think a couple different people wrote at this letter but honest, Honey, it’s only me. I must rush so _____ but you understand perfectly, don’t you?

I’ll be looking for a letter from you tomorrow. And I’ll have it half worn out from reading it till I get the next one __ Wednesday.

Well Darlingest, I’ll close. Didn’t I write you a bit letter, even if I did take a half to do it?

With all my love,



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