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February 16, 1913.

My own Dear Girlie:

I wonder what my dear has been doing to day, and if she is now doing what I am.

This has been such a Grand day here, but very little have I been able to enjoy it, for as usual on Sundays I get up with the most awful headache, and that is what I have had to day.

Oh Darling how I long for you, and how I long to go home to you after my days work and rest where I can have you near to talk to and to look at your dear face.

Nights as I work I can see you sitting on a big mat in front of our fire place and me laying with my head in your lap, and I close my eyes and I can just feel your darling fingers in my hair.

But sweetheart maybe we wont have a fire place or as nice a house as we would like to have. But my own dear girlie we will be happy just the same won’t we sweetheart?

Oh Darling if I can only make you happy for then I know I will be.

One of Ellen Garrison’s brothers is here and he looks just like Ellen. Mr Garrison is going to take Ellen’s father and two brothers up north with him and put them on one of his farms up there.

How is my dear Girlie I hope she is swell and happy.

Goodnight my dear sweet heart , for I must get to bed now.

Don’t forget your lonesome boykins for he loves you so.

Goodnight my very own dear Girlie.

Your own Boykins,


I just reread your last Sunday letter again, and in it you said you “heard the talk on a young woman's ideal man” I take it, that he described what a young woman’s ideal man should be.

Now what do you think of the Boy, you have chosen for your lifes mate??

My Dear sweetheart now be frank, for it always pays.


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