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December 5, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

December 5, 1944

Dear Dorothy:

Guess by now you have given up all hope for me as a steady corresponder.

I’m thoroughly abused of myself. But I’m sure you will not believe it, this is my fourth attempt of writing to you.

A goes to the doctor every Tuesday of late so we [unreadable].

First of all let me thank you for the [unreadable] it is adorning the large record cabinet, and a lot of curious people are quite concerned as to who is who over the new subject, so I tell them that is the sixty-four dollar question.

Now pray tell me how did you remember “a way down there” when my birthday was? Truly I was tickled pink at my darling lapel gadget. The unexpected is always the most thoughtful. You should see how cute it looks on my blue suit. Hun! I’m just the swankiest guy in these here parts.

Sunday afternoon Nov. 10. At home.

Surely today I ought to be able to complete this letter.

No Foolin Dorothy, it’s were getting disgusting to me, every time I try to take care of a little social stuff I’m stopped by some asinine question or other.

Won’t know if I told you or not that Walt is now working out of Chi. He calls me most every day when the circuits aren’t overloaded.He usually gets in over week-ends but this time it will be two weeks -- yikes. I miss him terribly and too these damned street cards are being jammed so full you can hardly breathe. It seems they are taking off cars on all the lines.

The [unreadable] down town is going wacky.The movie houses are on a strike over 60 of the houses are dark because of it. We also had a general strike of the newspaper for two days last week. We had no news papers at all. Tell that to Byron and he too will wonder what the boys are fighting for.

Tune Town has raised their fee to .75 during the week and .85 on Sat. Sun. and holidays. Now I understand they are working our New Years eve program and prices. Mr. Russ told me there would be no floor show and the price would probably be $2.00 or more.

Well the crowds have hit an all time low with their prices. I’ve been told over and over why don’t you raise your prices but I have a nice clientele and a lot of repeat business. Personally I believe having satisfied customers payes dividends in the long run.

That Gloria is really sumpin -- she quit her job at the Jefferson and has taken a Civil Service. She Promised a pupil and myself she would be in for an afternoon (3 hrs) the pupil was slipping and had no time left in town. I was booked solid from 11 to 6:00 not even time to eat, as all the students I had that day were leaving the states too. Well to make a long story longer that follie never showed up and I haven’t heard from her since. She beats anything I ever knew.

Oh! Yes Cubia McMillan helps out occasionally she wanted to call you on the phone one night so I told you all about your new location etc. etc.

What sort of job do you have down there you didn’t sayd? How is Byron? Do they work him hard or has he learned to look like a gentleman?

By the way Clyde Lucas is playing in the Ballroom for 2 weeks. Sunny Dunboyne follows in fact he will be the New Years Eve band, I believe he is one of your favorites, am I right? I’ve got another new teacher (girl). By the way did I tell you Gairy Hosford (why was teaching) was inducted two weeks ago -- in the army -- he wanted out of the navy so bad.

Gee! It will be swell to see you. I do hope your plans won’t be changed.

My cousins just came in so I guess I’ll have to sign off for this time.

Be good and try and forgive me for being so lax in writing. I’ll improve with age I promise.

Much love, as ever



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