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December 27, 1939.

Lenox Hill Hospital

Dear Betty,  

Well at last it happens! This fellow Meyer is finally getting to work and discharging some of his duties. I’ve been sitting up in bed for the past two weeks and have also been set up in a wheel chair to be chauffeured about by the freshman nurses. I was also able to help trim the xmas tree in the room here. Xmas was real nice in the hospital. There was a tree in each of the v-bed wards and one in the 10-bed ward. I’m situated in one of the v-bed wards with one other fellow and we have sort of kept this room “exclusive” for the past week. We’ve been lucky, for 3 new patients have come in and so far none has been placed in this ward. We had an extra hearty breakfast on Xmas, with a card and a small tree placed on our tray. The turkey dinner was grand and had a box of candy on that tray. So you see, with all this, and open house visiting day, why it turned out to be quite a nice Xmas. And then too, the nurses Glee Club paraded thru the corridor  at about G.A.M singing Christmas carols.

Santa Claus was quite busy too. Among gifts being 3 shirts and ties, belt, stockings, shaving set, handkerchiefs, this leather writing set I am now using, and a very lightly colored set of pajamas from my aunt, to which my cousin must have dumped about a pint of perfume (a nose sense of [unreadable]).

Well how did you people enjoy this Xmas? I hope in the best of health and a good visit from Saint Nick.

Bill was saying about the good time had and [unreadable] had on their visit. The lovely cold weather and freezing beds which they had to get into that night served quite different from New York. And what a ride they had home! Crawling thru New Haven at 15 m.p.h., and the lovely ice-covered roads they made use of all adding plenty of zip and excitement, before they finally arrived safe at home.

I was glad to hear that you were doing well in your job, and now have it tied up as a permanent one. My congratulations both on your job and on receiving some [unreadable] of a diploma. I suppose it was from the school you attended although my aunt was not sure what it had been for.

Young lady, it grieves me deeply to hear what the [unreadable] have done to help from your ideas of New York. Let it be here said by one of these New Yorkers that there is definitely not a rachetteer on each corner. Why there isnt even an officer of the law on every corner, at least he is usually found on the other of end of his beat when wanted. But the radio car system is an excellent system and a great help in time of need. So there!

And now having said everything I had in visid and the doctors coming on their rounds in 10 mins. I will draw this to an end with the hope that the New Year will bring you and the clan good health, happiness and cheer throughout the whole year, with continued success on your job.

As Ever,


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