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December 15, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

Many thanks for welcomed letter, I appreciate it very much. 

I guess you are very busy these days being so near Xmas, and very little leisure tie too, the latter being very necessary for good salesmanship. 

Well now Harry you have really sold me without my asking the very thing that has doubted me that you will do your utmost for Betty’s happiness. 

Although, I say it myself, she is a splendid girl, straight forward, honest and driven, her personality has made her very popular, it will not be very easy for myself + juniors to say farewell to her when the time comes, as she is going so many miles from home, but her confidences in you and your promise for her welcome will help considerably. 

You can count on her cooperation at all times, as she fully realizes she’s not coming to fairyland or Hollywood. I am very proud of  my family Harry, as we have had a tough time since the loss of Father in December 1940. 

Our lives were changed completely the juniors education was suddenly cut short, and all three of the family made a grand rally when it was really needed + Betty has always been my right hand being now the eldest. She has helped considerably to lighten my burden but I guess I must not start wearing my heart on my sleeve. You can count on my help and I will write as soon as she sails; I trust you will be there to meet here. 

Yes  I guess it may be a few years before we meet again but I too will endeavor to make that possible.  

I guess I have said enough for now as I have to make preparations for the morning before I retire for the night so with love and regards from myself and the juniors.

Please give my regards to your folks. 

Until next time then.

All the best and take care of yourself.


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