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August 8, 1943.

Dear one:

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your back. What did the X Ray show? I hope you could come home for a good rest. You certainly need it.

No, I did not get a “War Bond”, yet from the Army. So you received your pay again? Is it enough for you. Do not lend your money to every one, just the ones you can trust.

Do not answer all the letters, tell them you are on manuvers and answer them once in a while. That is nice of the people to write to you. Joe Zojac said hardly any one writes to him. So you see how popular you are “Nicky”. You do not have to answer letters right away let them wait.

Our new “Radio” certainly has a place to play records. We all like our Radio. I can not wait until you see it. Papa bought it from a salesman that went down the store. It is a “honey”.

You asked if Joe is wearing your clothes? “No Sir” he is wearing his own, yours are all cleaned and put away.

Mrs. Zojac is much better. Joe could not come home. They would not let him come home. The doctor said it was not necessary. Hoe’s mother was disappointed because he did not come. Vicky does not go up to Mrs. Zojac. I have not seen Vicky since JUne 26, she calls once in a while and that is all. She was sick herself. I saw Edith and Bea up to Mrs. Perry’s house. As Mrs. Perry is sick in bed with her back. Edith was telling me about “Mac” leaving her sister. I think “Bea” is a swell girl to talk to, it was the first time I talked with her. She is very nice. She feels kind of sorry for “Mac”, but I did not ask her anything, her sister told me when she left the room. Edith and her sister sends their best to you. They said when you write to Ranny say hello “Your” Pal Harry is expecting a furlough this week then I will write and tell you how he looks.

God Bless You Cara Madra

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