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August 6, 1924.

Hotel Terrase

Lucerne, Switzerland

Dear Papa and Mama:

This is the loveliest place we hae been in yet and this is the loveliest hotel. We reached here about midnight Monday evening so it was dark and we began climbing, tho we could see nothing. When we reached the hotel the landlady and her daughters were at the door waiting for us, as though we were old friends. The hotel itself is most attractive and when we woke up yesterday morning we found a French door leading from our room out onto a veranda from which there is the grandest view off over Lake Lucerne to Mt. Pilatus on the other side and the Rigi on the other. When we came down to breakfast our table was reserved for us on a veranda just under our bedroom one, so we have all our meals out there. Letters, two of them from you, were waiting for us on our arrival and we were so glad to hear. You had not yet heard from us since we reached Europe.

In the morning yesterday we started out for a walk. Lucerne is as beautiful as any place could possibly be, built around the curving shore of the lake with Mt. Pilatius, a huge mountain, on one side, the Rigi on the other and many white mountains in every direction. First of all we went out to the wonderful lion of Lucerne -- a huge sandstone cliff with the most life like carving of a lion in the side of the cliff, cut out of the solid stone. We have been back to it several times, for it is most cool and comfortable in that spot and so wonderful to look upon. After a while we went into the Glacial Gardens. They were very pretty and interesting. Then Mr. Plufiron said “I am going to take you into the maze.” I probably wrote you of our going into the mazer at Hampton Court where one travels along winding paths till you get so twisted up you can hardly get out. There the key is after the first turn always go to the right going in and the left coming out except the last turn but this “maze” is entirely different. This is in a building with the winding paths lined with mirrors on all sides. You look in every direction and see your self and the other members of your party and can’t tell which are the people and which the reflections. There are seats where you sit and see yourself any number of times. Finally you are taken up in a little elevator where you see yourself reflected a thousand times they say. It is most amusing.

This has been an unusually cloudy season so as yesterday was pleasant Mr. Plimpton thought we had better go up the Rigi in the afternoon. We went first by boat on Lake Lucerne, there an hour and a half up a cog rail to the summit. It was beautifully clear when we got up there, but later we saw clouds under us and finally they came all around us and we were in the midst of a cloud. While it was clear we could see almost seven lakes from the summit. This morning was beautifully clear also and the day has been the first warm day we have had on this trip this far. Today is the first day this year that Arthur has worn his Palm Beach suit. I had begun to think we might have no use for it. We went down to see the old bridge of Lucerne, then into some of the stores and out to see the lion again. Out there a woman spoke to me asking me if I was Mrs. Stocker, formerly of Bethlehem. I didn’t recognize her at all but now remember her. She is Mrs. Edwards, a physicians wife. She spoke of having my father give a talk to some of the boys, her boy among the number, at the Church of the Nativity of Bethlehem, by invitation of Brayton Byron. You spoke to them on the stars.

Tomorrow we leave here for a two day motor trip which will end up at Interlaken. We spend tomorrow night at Gletsch.

I don’t feel as if my letters have given any idea of the wonderful trip we are having for I have often had to write them where we are so hurried. We find something to do all the time in the day and often do not have dinner until seven or eight o’clock. We enjoyed every minute.

Arthur sends love and Harry, too.

With much love from here,


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