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August 5, 1943.

Hello Brother

How is the army life treating you say are you kidding about being home sick. The only time I felt home sick was the first wee and I did not get mail from no one. Is this true about going out on dates not that I care but she told me that she will always wait for me. So I wrote and told her if she wants to go out with some body else I don’t care to go write ahead ain’t that write. If I can’t trust her when I am away no use having a girl friend aint that write. I can’t trust her anyway so I don’t give a dam.

Say how are the women out there are there any sharp ones you know like the ones you and I use to get or am I kidding. I wish you could get your furlough next week for thats mine it comes on the 10th so after that address my letters to my home until I can give you my knew address.

“G” how I wish your furlough was next week. I really miss you.

Your Loving Brother

May God Bless You Brother

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