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August 27, 1924.

Dear Leslie

Sorry I have not been down lately but I have been off colour this last few days. I never saw outside the door last week-end, & I did not go to work until to-day. I have had a nasty cold & have been run down generally for some time past. However I am getting alright again & I expect going away for a few days this week-end into the country. I am going to a little place called Birch just beyond Matlock to an aunt of mine. I do not know if I shall like it but If I don’t I can come home again & if I do like it I shall probably stay the week. I do not know the place & I have never seen this aunt before but mother says she is alright so I’ll chance it. A change will do my no harm as I Was getting a bit loose & I shall try to pull myself together.

Last Christmas did a great deal of harm & you never know what it has done until it has done it. Although it has left its mark for the time being it ought to wear off as time goes by. As Shakespear once said, there is many an aching heart beneath a ragged pair of trousers. However, I don’t think I shall be down before I go away so will have to drop you a line something next week & shall have to see you when I come home. Just keep Phyl & yourself in the best of psirits & give my love to mother & M. Hoping to see you sometime in September.

I remain

Sincerely yours


P.S. if you would like a good home for Rio I would like him instead of one of the pups that is if you would rather keep one of the pups yourself but will see you about it when I come down

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