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August 26, 1943.

Dear Ranny:

I sure hope you aren’t sore at me because I didn’t write sooner but honestly I’ve been so busy at home. You know I am a little housewife doing all the housework + it certainly keeps me busy. Ranny its going to be swell if you come home. I wish you all the luck Ranny.

Yes I finally took me trip to New York + it was swell. I didn’t go dancing out there but we saw a lot of movies. Benny Goodman, Condos Brothers, Jerry Colona + Iona Masey were on Broadway that week + they all had swell shows. The train ride was swell but packed with soldiers. Ranny I am writing this in bed so I really hope you can read it.

My girlfriend and I visited Camp Shenango last week + its really not such a bad camp. Its a large camp + they had a swell Service Club but oh my I never saw such a bunch of wolves as I saw there. They howled from all angles.

Ranny I stopped in to see Jenny the other day + she is really going steady. Ranny something in me tells me you still care for her but after how rotten she played you + how untrue she was to you I certainly wouldn’t bother her anymore. Of course that’s your business though.

Abe Lyman was at the Palace Tuesday + Wednesday + he had a swell show. He also had people from the audience coming up to sing a song + the winner got a $50.00 War Bond.

The Park will be closing soon + the good old Elms will open again. My brother Frankie is still playing at the Mansion with Bill Ost.

I haven’t seen little Jimmy anymore so I don’t know what he is doing.

Ranny please excuse all my mistakes + awful handwriting because my eyes are beginning to deceive me.

So Long Ranny + please write soon



I’ll pray Ranny to see you real soon

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