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August 2, 1943.

My Dear Son:

I receive your letter Friday July 30th and was very glad indeed to hear from you. I hope you are feeling much better. Please try to get as much rest as possible.

So you experienced for the first time how soldiers really fight? I am very glad you pulled through it very good. Please son, keep your courage up and do your very best, all the other boys did. I am sure my Ralph will too. I know it at times will be unbearable but ask God to give you strength. After that training is over it will not be so bad. I am praying for you every day so you can bear it. Look at our Lord all he went through carrying the Cross so you to my son, have patience and bear and then you will be a man. Please respect your superiors and every thing will be fine.

How is Ralph Colla getting along? His mother said he gained some weight. You, my dear son, you were tired from home and makes you nervous but keep your chin up.

I am glad to hear you receive a lot of letters, but take your time in answering them, there is no hurry they can all wait. Get your rest instead of writing.

As I told you Mrs. Zojac was very sick but she is feeling a little better now. Joe could not come home, but he called his mother up. I was over the night he called. I waited until about ten o’clock but he called about twelve and I was gone.

When I sent the cookies do they break all up or not? Let me know.

I was talking to Eddie on the phone he said he was coming but I did not see him.

Well that will be all for now. Love and regards from all and May God Bless you my dear son.



P.S. “Soldiers do not cry”

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