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August 1, 1943.

Hello Ranny,

I hope that this letter finds you in the best of health. As for myself, well I haven’t been feeling so good. I guess it must be the heat. What’s the matter you haven’t written to me for quite some time? Well Ranny we just had mail call and I got a letter from Vicky. Ranny I haven’t got a very long time left, I’m afraid that in a couple of months we’re going to pull out. Just think it over kid, a girl that I loved so much I may never see her again and she writes to me as a friend. I was asked by some of the fellows if I still here from her, that if I love her. Its eating hell out of me, and I can’t take it. Your my close friend, you know how much I love Vicky, Ranny for gods sake help me, Please. I’m begging you Ranny tell me what I should do. It may be to late after the war. I don’t expect to get a furlough. Yes I mean it we aren’t going to be here that long. I may never see Vicky or my mother ever again. I just hope and pray to God that God takes care of her. She told me that I could go out with the blond. Well Ranny I met this bitch at the P.X., my boyfriend was drunk + so was I. So just to kid the fellows we took pictures with this girl. Steve sent one to Vicky and now she thinks that I go out with this girl. Ranny honest to god ever since Vicky broke up with me I haven’t been the same. Drinking all the time, I’ve lost weight and I’m telling Ralph I won’t be able to take it much longer. I’m now waiting for answer from our chaplin, I told him everything. Well Ranny I’m going to close now and please let me know what should I do.

So long your pal,


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