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April 11, 1922.


Well Dearest Sweetheart,

U. are certainly a dear. I surely am enjoying the Whitmans. It so nice to have a surprise not expecting it make me appreciate it more.

Yesterday was a perfectly wonderful day and a crowd of us went out for a ride and carried our lunch. Gee, but it certainly did seem wonderful to be out in the woods. It made me think of last summer and the days we spend in the wood together. Gee, how I wish that U. had been with us that was the only thing that trip needed to make it complete.

What are U. going to do on your vacation. Have U. made any plans yet or do U. intend to not have one? I am expecting Odessa about the first of June. I surely am crazy to see her. I am just wondering how or if I am going to be able to stand the summer.

If our pictures are good I will send U. some.

Mamma sent me some picture of the wisteria at home and it surely is pretty. It made me rather home sick.

Write to me often Sweetheart cause I do love to hear from U.

Loads of Love,


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