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April 1, 1936.

Dear Sis.

I was about to think you wasn’t going to answer me letter, as we think we ought to get a letter from you every week.

Lemone came up this morning and stayed all day with us to-day, she always talk so much when we ge to-gether, that we sure don’t get any work done.

Virgie you ask me about, buying that Dress well, I sure want oh, but I’ve got $7.00 coming to me but I’ve got to get me some slippers + I had promised to buy Edgar a pair of slippers + Arthur a pair of pants, so I hate not get them for them but if you don’t know any body you can sell it to, right now, if you want to sell it to me, and let me have till last of this month to pay for it I’ll buy it. Send it to me now, as quick as you can, and I’ll pay a dollar on it now. And I’ll get any now three day of work this month working up at the school house and I will have three dollars last of this month and if you want to credit me that long send the dress on to me.

Arthur went up town yesterday. He went to get his teeth fixed. It seems like I miss him worse than any the rest in the family because he help me more with the work, he always drys the dishes, of night after supper. Dad was aim to go to town to-tday but he wasn’t feeling much like it. And I think he has decided he wouldn’t go.

Mama went over to Ma, a little while ago she hadn’t been over there for about a month. I got a letter from Cora to-day I put on half of my time writing letters. But I am afraid you you can’t read this as my pencil isn’t any account, and we are so poor we can’t by another one. I can’t write more I have to go and wash

From your loving sis Marie

Dear Virgie, I will try to write you a few lines to let you know how we are I have a headache but I am going to try to work today as Dad went to town this morning and I have to try to clean the house and I sent while he is gone Dad don’t get any better he did not rest any last nigh he just looks around sad and can’t do anything he goes to the barn ever day to see the cows and that all he does we have a prettie black cat and I think I have got the best cow ever was Papa aims to try see doctor while he is gone we should have him having a time but Marie has been good to do the work we havent got to plant any garden yet I was over at the Ina yesterday she has got some garden out I’ve had the blue when me and Edgar did and is starting [unreadable] bad Mamie is growing fast Hubert folk have had all the blue Aunt Dela has been awful bad but she is some better I can’t write much this morning Marie has a letter wrote to you hope Walter won’t loose his job write as soon as you can maybe I will feel more like writing so be good and pray for us

From Mama

Hope it wont be many month till I get see you both

Don’t worry bout us it we are having a hard time papa may git better when the weather gits good shore do hope he does if he git any worse I will let you know

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