As can be seen elsewhere (i.e. "Misc. Letters") the "Dolores" letters are incomplete and therefore present the best example of different styles, insights and levels of intimacy in the World War II selection of letters archived here-in.


Humor and humanity intersect in these few letters and the reader is left longing for a bit more of this mysterious "Dolores". 

August 30 1943

Prvt. Lee D. Byers #13157490

Hgqs. Co. 33 A.R.

A.P.O 253 ℅ Postmaster

New York, NY

Hello Darling,

I’m sorry I didn’t write before but I’ve been waiting for a letter from you and up to now, I’ve been greatly disappointed.

Dolores, I am located at a camp in New Jersey. I can’t tell you which one though. (Hitler would like to know too.)

I’ve been thinking of you ever since we left –
July 7 1944
"Well I finally did receive a letter from my farmerette friend. Mother said that she has been busy so I kind of figured that was the cause for you not writing.I sure was glad to get your letter because I really look forward to them.

Well I guess we have a date then if you condescend to ride in Sluggo."

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February 10 1945
March 10 1945
"I have some new paper money for our collection. By - the - way, how is our coin - collection coming along? Are we rich yet? I’m only joking. I’ll send the money in this letter. There are seven pieces. They are old German bills."

Letters in full, follow the link.
May 9 1945
"Sonny I believe is writing to you now and I believe he will want to read this letter after I get through writing to you. He’s a good kid but I always have to knock his ears back fro him. If you only could see us fight together you think we were brothers, and I guess you know how brothers fight all the time."

Letter in full, follow the link.
September 19 1945
"Your going to school sounds very interesting. And I had to laugh when you said the instructor wants no glamour. Hey what does, what does he think will happen to us wimmin if we cant carry our glamour with us."

Letters in full, follow link.
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February 10 1945